CM 18 B


All this is possible thanks to our new TCR system (Teller Cash Recycler) CM-18B, with the podra:

  • Deposits.
  • Withdrawals.
  • Counting by Value and Pieces.
  • Classification by denomination.
  • Validation.
  • Suitable Classification - not suitable.
  • Stores up to 6000 with hybrid format of rollers and bags.


  • With an ergonomic and innovative design, easy and quick operation, it will guarantee a high level of productivity and safety.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process.
  • Free your staff time for other tasks.




Let’s take a closer look at our innovative banknote recycling system:

· Our CM-18 B recycler is directly connected to the teller terminal at the teller window, recognizing and validating the bills, as well as rejecting those damaged or potentially suspicious bills. The cash balance will always be reconciled avoiding additional processes.

· It has three compartments that allow offline operations of counting by value, classification by denomination and state of use.

In addition to having all the security measures that the client requires, including UL-291, CEN III, our innovative system will allow you to work in an open space within the branch, achieving personalized attention to customers and allowing sales Crossing of other products and services that the bank wishes to offer at a given time.

· Processing capacity for deposit reception. It processes bundles of up to 200 bills each with bills of different sizes and denominations, at a speed of 5 bills per second. If there are bills that are not recognized, they will be sent to the rejection compartment.

· Processing capacity for cash withdrawal. It can dispense different denominations at a processing speed of 7 notes per minute.

· Storage capacity of 6,000 banknotes in a hybrid format of rollers and bags.

· Host connection via RS-232 or LAN.

· Connection to peripherals via RS-232. Maintenance operations via USB. 2.0 through a Pen Drive Memory.

· Reduced size to fit any window teller module. Easy installation. Facilitates maintenance in a small area.

· High resolution touch screen with video error help.

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