CDM 7011

Cash deposit system developed in a security safe, equipped with validators with the highest acceptance rate and the highest detection rate of suspicious banknotes.

With our CDM 7011 you will obtain a substantial improvement in the control and administration of your daily cash sale by dramatically increasing your security and control, eliminating waste.
Additional mailbox for the deposit of other securities, checks, vouchers, coins, etc.

Provides printed receipts for each operation, at the end of the shift, day of sale, etc.
This system will generate a very significant reduction in your Operating Cost, less tasks assigned to your staff, a greater speed in your process, a complete control of your cash, improvement of corporate image of your company, lower expenses in the Process, and eliminates the differences that may exist with your bank.
Ideal for convenience stores,, etc.



1 unidad.


Dolar y muchas otras divisas.

Alimentación de Billetes:

Uno a la vez.

Capacidad de Almacenamiento:

1200/2200 Billetes.

Velocidad de Aceptacion:

10 Billetes por minuto.

Detectores de Billetes:

Incluidos en el aceptador.

Tipo de Almacenamiento:

Casetes o Bolsas

Historial de Transacciones:

Ultimos 36 meses.


RS-232 ó USB.


270 (A) x 850 (A) x 500 (F) mm


AC 110V/220V, 50/60 Hz. 

- Allows unlimited audits remotely through the "CDMCONTROL" server.
- Eliminates delays in the process of your cash for failures of third parties.
- Allows an easy squared box for change of shifts.
- Box cuts are made on site or online in a simple way.
- Access to the cash of the personnel assigned by means of security keys.
- Allows a transaction history of up to 36 months.
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