A CDM-7032 or CDM-7032 XL will bring a substantial improvement in control and management of your daily cash sales, as it dramatically enhances your security and control while eliminating losses.

Because it´s based on a Web platform, you can monitor each transaction and/or inquiry in real time from any place where the Internet’s available including via 3G cell phones through the Monitoring Control System. It´s equipped with two devices, each accepting up to 30 bills at a time, through any of its four sides. Storage capacity of 2,400 bills (CDM-7032) and 4,400 bills (CDM-7032 XL). The standard business-like armored structure features a 4.7625 mm steel-plate body and 9.525 mm steel-plate doors. It issues a printed receipt after each transaction, at the end of the shift, after each sales day, etc.

The CDM system means dramatically lower operating costs, fewer tasks to be assigned to your personnel, a much faster process, full cash control, an improved corporate image, fewer process-related expenses and the elimination of cash differences with the bank.

Validators: 1 unit.
Currencies: Dollar and many other currencies
Banknote feeding: 30 at a time.
Storage Capacity: 2,400 notes.  /  4,400 notes (XL)
Acceptance Speed: 30 notes per minute.
Banknote Detectors: Included in the acceptor.
Storage type: Cassettes.
Transaction History: Last 36 months.
Connectivity: RS-232 ó USB.
Dimensions: 500 (A) x 800 (A) x 660 (F) mm
Voltage: AC 110V/220V, 50/60 Hz.


– Permite auditorias ilimitadas de manera remota por medio del servidor “CDMCONTROL”.
– Elimina demoras en el proceso de su efectivo por fallas de terceros.
– Permite un fácil cuadre de caja para cambio de turnos.
– Se realizan cortes de cajas en sitio ó por internet de manera sencilla.
– Acceso al efectivo del personal asignado por medio de llaves de seguridad.
– Permite un historial de transacciones de hasta 36 meses.

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