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CDM USA – Headquarters

In CDM USA, we manufacture and distribute the most comprehensive line of money and document processing equipment and systems, using cutting-edge technology and providing the best service.


Our mission is to use and transform our equipment technology into VALUE for our customers, providing solutions to their business needs.

Our mission is based on empathy, shared success, and collaboration. Therefore, our customers’ satisfaction is our main objective.
We are committed to excellence, following these guidelines:

  1. Offering and delivering the best solution with our equipment.
  2. Providing the best service available.

We have a direct presence in several countries with sales offices and direct service in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Our sales force and technical support service have highly skilled and trained personnel who are ready to respond in an efficient and prompt manner to any of our customers´ requirements.


Since its inception in 1998 in the United States, our priority has always been to optimize our line of equipment, with the highest quality and service levels.

From our leading Operation and Distribution Headquarters, located in the city of Miami, Florida, USA, we continuously work to develop and integrate reliable equipment solutions in the money and document processing industry.

With over 45,000 equipment sold in the past five years, we are the leading company in the secure money management industry.


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