Cash Recycling CM 18 Series
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Imagine having at your disposal a multifunctional equipment for cash recycling, connected to the core, saving spaces within the branch which would allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • Deposits

  • Cash withdrawals

  • Counting by Value and Pieces

  • Classification by denomination

  • Validation

  • ATM

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Reciclers CM 18 Series

CM 18

  • Stores up to 4,000 bills in 8 rolls. See more

CM 18 T

  • Stores up to 6,000 bills in 12 rolls. See more

CM 18 B

  • Stores up to 6,000 tickets in a hybrid format of rollers and bags. See more

CM 18 B

Simplify your work structure

The CM18b differs from a traditional cash recycler because it has an innovative engineering design that combines traditional recycling modules with a bag deposit system.

With this system you can determine which denominations go directly to the deposit bag or have the option to transfer notes from a roller to the bag. This additional flexibility is ideal to adapt the processes to different cash needs that inevitably occur in different environments where cash is handled.

Linea CM 18

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