Self-Service Assisted System Changing standard transactions to an assisted self-service format increases the transaction level and efficiency in the branch. Contact us Your banking objective, instead of focusing on the manual process of cash management, will provide all the necessary attention to increase the relationship with your customers.

With myTeller you can:


  • Offer assisted self-service comfort for simple and complex transactions.

  • Enable more transactions in non-traditional branch formats.

  • Share the same data on all devices and branch systems.

  • Train team members with mobile technology.

  • Enable an instant response of data in real time.

  • Improve revenues through cross-selling.

Transformation of transactions

The displacement of a large part of the volume of transactions to a self-service channel assisted by a lower cost reassigns valuable personnel resources. The interaction between cashier and customer is the crucial moment in which the branch can strengthen the relationship with the customer and become a trusted financial partner.

The key to success is building a customer experience that is simple, offers the opportunity for a deeper conversation with a banking advisors if it is necessary.

MyTeller specifications

  • Recycling of bills and Coins simultaneously.

  • Processing of checks and complete documents with scanning on both sides and printer.

  • Security vault for bills in UL-292, CEN-L, CENII, etc.

  • Card reader.
  • Touch screen.

  • Keyboard.
  • Video camera and audio connection available.
  • Lector de código de barras

  • Width: 37.05 in / 941 mm

  • Depth: 40.71 in / 1034 mm
  • Counter height: 33.86 in / 860 mm

  • Weight: 1829.84 lb / 830 k

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