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Compactor B4

Compact press easy to install.

The B4 press presents itself with very useful functions if it is compacted with other presses of compact size. The compression force, its long stroke and the effective fixing systems allow a high degree of compaction to be achieved.

The process is simple and safe while low noise levels contribute to improving the work environment.

A fully automatic indicator light indicates when the bale is ready and prevents overloading of the camera. An automatic system allows ejecting the bundle fastened with straps.

Easy to connect.

It works with a single-phase power supply.

Safe operation.

This machine complies with the European safety standard EN16500.

Control of the machine from the front.

The B4 press adapts to any space.

Compactor X10

Ideal for limited space.

The X10 compactor is suitable for small businesses, wineries and industrial companies that need a high performance compactor. Its compact design makes it ideal for limited spaces.

Equipped with crossed cylinders, this equipment offers a superior pressure force as well as a very low overall height. The X10 has a large filling opening facilitating daily operation as much as possible.

Compactor X10

Simple installation.

Very low overall height.

Safe and continuous door opening.

Works with a powerful threaded shaft.

Automatic expulsion.

Bimanual ejection of the bale.

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