The CDM-662 coin sorter has been developed to sort or separate coins into groups, and has the function of detecting suspected counterfeit coins. In addition, it can sort 6 coin denominations at the same time and has the function of automatically detecting, counting and sorting coins of the programmed denominations, and the non-programmed coins will be sorted into a reject tray.


  • Saving time by counting and classifying your coins in a single process.
  • Accuracy and accuracy in the process.
  • Free your staff time for other tasks.
  • Avoid large losses due to suspicious currencies.



Hopper Capacity: Aprox. 600-800 coins
Display: LCD
Coin Diameter: Max. 1.22 in. – Min. 0.55 in
Thickness: <= 0.13in
Counting Speed: Approx. 600-650 coins/min
Connectivity: RS232 / RJ45 / PS2 / USB
Coin software available: Local
Sensors: Alloy Sensor
Counting Modes: Mixed with sorting, separation, batching.
Power Supply: AC 120/220V – 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 60W
Dimensions: 20.07in (W) x 11.02in (H) x 12.59in (D)
Net Weight: 35.27 Lbs.
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