• The Coin Sorter CDM-681 is developed to classify or separate the coins according to their value in groups, and it also has a detection function for coins that are suspected of being false
  • With the sensor installed, it can simultaneously detect the diameter, thickness and alloy of the coins.
  • The CDM-681 Coin Sorter can classify 9 denominations of coins at the same time and has the function of automatically detecting, counting and classifying coins of the programmed denominations, and unscheduled ones will be classified in a rejection tray.
  • It has an integrated printer. Ideal for documenting data.


  • Avoid large losses due to suspicious currencies.
  • Saving time by counting and classifying your coins in a single process.
  • Accuracy and accuracy in the process.
  • The CDM-681 Coin Sorter has an integrated printer and has an external display option.

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