The CDM Countmax-150 bill sorter is equipped with the best technology for counterfeit detection, it has a feeding area and a rejection area to avoid stops during counting. It has a modern, light and completely reliable design.


  • Portable Architecture.
  • Saving time when sorting your banknotes.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process.
  • Free up your staff time for other tasks.



Compact Size and Tabletop: Model Meets the required space for a Bank Window
Multiple Currency Capacity: Endowed with 3 Currencies (USD + EUR + Local).

Optional: Multiple Currencies.

Various counting modes: Mixed counting with detection.

Classification by denomination, Fitness oriented (Apt / Not Apt) and faced.

Simple piece counting.

Continuous, by batch and accumulation.

Count by value with series capture.

Screen breakdown Total count by value.

Total piece count.

Total count by denomination.

Total rejected banknotes.

List of rejected banknotes.

Reason for ticket rejection.

Visual and auditory alert.

Currency in use.

Serial No. of the bill.

Counting mode.

Preset Batches.

Date and Time.

Simple Access to Remove Jammed Banknotes: 2 compartments, upper and lower.
Bill Entry Reading: In any of its 4 orientations
Bill Feeding: Dual drive roller system to guarantee the correct feeding of the bills in any condition or physical state.
Programmable Stops / Batches: (3 Digits).
Hopper Capacity: 1000 Banknotes in any physical condition.
Receiving Tray Capacity: 200 Banknotes in any physical condition.
Reject Tray Capacity: 20 – 100 Notes
Ignition: Rear
Counting System: Electronic
Start System: Automatic / Manual
Number of Pockets: 2 Pockets – continuous count
New COUNTMAX-950F Technology: Uses Two (2) linear contact image sensors (CIS) covering 100% of the banknote, with a transmission and reflection platform.

6 or more ultraviolet (UV) sensors depending on the Currency.

6 or more magnetic sensors (MG) depending on the Currency.

High spectrum MR Magnetic Array for greater detection.

Infrared (IR) sensor on both multi-channel surfaces to ensure maximum detection.

Serial Numbers Reading: The new COUNTMAX-950F can read serial numbers at 800 bpm in all 4 orientations.
Inspection Gates: Rear opening for risk-free access to the internal mechanism.
Visual / Auditory Alarm: Suspicious Banknotes.

Open Gates.

Jammed banknotes.

Banknotes in Rejection.

External Display: Shows value and pieces counted
Weight: 18.73Lbs.
Dimensions: 9.88in (W) x 10.66in (H) x 10.39in (D)
Interface: RS232, RJ-11, USB, LAN port.
Power Source: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
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