CDM-10 High Speed Currency Counter, being a best seller in the industry, operates at a high speed of 1,500 notes per minute and features touch sensitive controls, automatic and manual start, user adjustable batch stops and a grand total accumulation of all notes counted. Also, it can be customized with counterfeit detection devices such as Ultraviolet sensors and Magnetic head sensors. It comes with the only self-cleaning patented system in the world, a Dual Dust extractor fan in order to provide more durability and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Save on maintenance thanks to its dust extractors.
  • Require low level of technical assistance with a very flexible budget.
  • Process banknotes in any physical state.
  • Save time when counting your banknotes.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process, avoids counting errors.
  • Frees your staff time for other tasks.



10.31in (W) x 9.76in (H) x 11.33in (D)
Size of Banknoter:
1.96in x 3.93in – 3.54in x 7.48in
Banknote Thickness:
0.002in – 0.004in
Counting Speed:
1000 / 1200 / 1500 Banknotes per Minute.
Also available 1200 / 1500 / 1800 BPM
Counting Mode:
Continuous, Batch, Accumulation
Feeding System:
Roller Friction Type
Hopper Capacity:
300 Banknotes & 500 Banknotes with Extra Hopper
Stacker Capacity:
300 Banknotes
Power Source:
Free Voltage (86 V / 264 V, 50/60 Hz.)
Power Consumption:
40W (operating)
UV & MG Detection:
Optional, refer to model CDM-13.
External Display:
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