CDM-35 fills an important gap between heavy-duty counters and small back-office machines. This high-speed coin counter combines superior versatility with various advanced features, which are fitted as standards of the machine.


  • Short-term return on investment.
  • Time savings when counting your coins.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process.
  • Frees up your staff time for other tasks.



Dimensions: 13.38in (W) x 10.43in (H) x 13.58in (D)
Weight: 19.40 Lbs. (Net)
Coin Diameter: Max. 1.37 in. – Min. 0.59 in.
Coin Thickness: 0.03in – 0.13in
Counting Speed: 2700 coins per minute
Coin Feeding: Handbook
Hopper Capacity: 11.000 coins
Counting Mode: Batch, Continuous and Addition.
Counting Display: 6 Digit LED  (999999)
Power Source: 110V / 220V, 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 60W (operating)
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