HSM FA 400 5.8 mm


This powerful high-volume document shredder is the perfect choice for demanding environments such as archives or document destruction centers. Manufactured with high quality materials and with the prestige of "Made in Germany" quality, this machine guarantees safety and durability.


  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Ease of Use
  • High Volume Yield



Type of cut: Strip Cutting
Cutting width: 0.22 in
Security level (DIN 66399): E-2 | O-2 | P-2 | T-2.
Cutting capacity in sheets 0.11 lb/in²: 104
Cutting speed: 43-45
Infeed width: 16.85 in
Container/collection volume: 220 l.
Weight: 937.22 lbs
Power consumption: 14 Kw.


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