KDL-100 is a cash management system tailored for medium and large-sized cash intensive retail businesses handling large amounts of cash, enabling operators to make unsupervised deposits at the end of their shifts at the back office.


  • High throughput
  • High users’ confidence in deposit amount
  • High serviceability


Dimensions: 17.71in (W) x48.30in (H) x19.68in (D)
Weight: 260 lbs
Processing speed: 1000 npm
Hopper capacity: 400 notes
Reject Capacity: 50 notes
Deposit capacity: Max 10,000 notes/ Canvas bag
Heatsealing Bag: 3,000 notes
Stacking Bag: 3,000 notes
Functions: Value counting, multi and mix currency, S/N (OCR)
Detect: Dual CIS, UV, MG (18 ch), IR, US
Connections: RS232C, LAN
OS: Linux
Display: 7″ Color LCD-Touch
Voltage: 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 150W
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