CDM 600


  • Our CDM 600 Document Drilling Machine allows you to quickly drill up to 500 sheets at a time (about 6 cm deep).
  • You can verify the security measures of the Tickets and Documents through a friendly system,


  • With its tubular perforation design, it manages to transfer volume of documents that are tied, such as: paid checks where you need to keep the samples physically, coupons and vouchers paid, transport tickets already used, all the above deserve an annulment to prevent them from being reused and maintain integrity and security within the companies involved in these activities.
  • Its use is completely elementary, just turn on the equipment, place the material to be drilled and press the control of the drill.

Perforation Technology:
Approx. 16 Kg. (Net)
Perforation capacity:
60 mm deep
Perforation diameter:
6 mm
Power source:
AC 110V / 220V, 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption:
280W (operating)
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