ProfiPack P425


This robust and performance-optimised packaging machine is used to process a number of layers of cardboard into a padding mat or padded filling material. The professional device is mobile on steering rollers and can be used with total flexibility.


  • Easy mobility with swivel wheels
  • Powerful operation with constant load
  • Control panel with LED indicators



Throughput capacity: 264.55 lb/h
Power consumption: 3800 W
Voltage / Frequency: 400 V / 50 Hz
Intake width: 16.73 In
Loading height: 0.78 In
Noise level (idle operation): ca. 63 – 64 dB(A)
Width x Depth x Height: 30.31 x 24.05 x 40.94 In
Weight: 399.20 lbs


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