The CM 18 cash recycler is the solution to optimize your cashier's time and increase your productivity by allowing you to cross-sell by helping your cashier to simultaneously perform tasks such as checking, counting, sorting and storing banknotes.


  • With an ergonomic and innovative design, easy and quick operation, it will guarantee a high level of productivity and safety.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process.
  • Free your staff time for other tasks.


Capacity: $85,000 to $200,000+
Deposit/dispense: batches of up to 200 notes without limits per transaction.
Full image sensors for visible: UV & IR light plus magnetic and ultra sound sensors
Connectivity: RS232, USB 2.0 and TCP/IP
Dimensions: 26.42in (W) x 17.32in (H) x 36.10in (D)
Weight: 714.29Lbs.


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