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  • Equipped with double CIS sensor.
  • High counting speed (1200 Notes per minute).
  • It recognizes, detects and Captures the Series of the Banknotes in the 4 orientations.
  • Detect different currencies with the highest level of effectiveness.
  • Equipped with Fitness Function (Detects Apto or No Apto banknotes).
  • CE Certification


  • Portable Architecture.
  • Saving time when sorting your banknotes.
  • Precision and accuracy in the process.
  • Free up your staff time for other tasks.

Compact Press B4

Compact press easy to install The B4 press presents itself with very useful functions if it is compacted with other presses of compact size. The compression force, its long stroke and the effective fixing systems allow a high degree of compaction to be achieved.

The process is simple and safe while low noise levels contribute to improving the work environment.

A fully automatic indicator light indicates when the bale is ready and prevents overloading of the camera. An automatic system allows ejecting the bundle fastened with straps.

  • Easy to connect
  • It works with a single-phase power supply.
  • Safe operation
  • This machine complies with the European safety standard EN16500.
  • Control of the machine from the front.
  • The B4 press adapts to any space.

D 551

CDM introduces The Billcon D 551 Heavy Duty Currency Discrimination Counter allowing operators to be more efficient and cost-effective.
Bank tellers will spend less time counting and more time assisting customers. Here´s how:

No presorting is necessary. Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go.

The D 551 counts the bills you want to count into the stacker, and automatically diverts the others to the large 100-note-capacity reject pocket. Everything is performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.

The all new Billcon D 551 features advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology, five modes of counting bills, preset batching, and a blazing 1,200-notes-per-minute speed.



  • It uses the most advanced image capture technology, reading the value of the ticket and carrying out discrimination by denomination.
  • Its modern design and full screen, graphic LCD, provides greater comfort and efficiency in your work.
  • The two lockers that the machine owns, will help you to carry out the work continuously since when detecting a suspicious ticket, different or of another denomination, separated and sent directly to the rejection box automatically.


  • Saving time when counting your tickets.
  • Accuracy and accuracy in the process.
  • Free your staff time for other tasks.
  • Continuous work for their outputs.
  • You can be shared by two tellers or users.
  • Independent memory.
  • Equipped with double CIS sensor.
  • Easy software update through USB and SD Card.

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